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10.08.95 - 21.09.13

Joshua Ribera was born in Solihull, West Midlands on the 10th of August 1995. Early on in Joshua’s life he showed a passion for music, playing the drums at the age of 8 and singing in school plays from the age of 10, Joshua loved to write lyrics and began putting these lyrics to beats/music. As Josh got older he took music more seriously, recording music videos and releasing tracks on a regular basis, very soon his talent was getting noticed across the UK and he was invited to perform in various rap battles.

Joshua Ribera performing as Depzman, was a British rapper, considered by some "a leading artist on the UK grime scene". Joshua featured on some of the largest music channels on YouTube that showcase grime music all across the UK from JDZMedia, P110 and the largest out of them all, SB.TV


Stop time waistin and start learnin

Stop waitin and start working

One Love - Depz Man


Listen and download some of Joshua's music here.

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